Our Classes

Take the guesswork out of your training and join our group training classes!

We provide the program and the coaching, all you need to do is show up and do the work!


Our signature strength program, BUILD, is designed to enhance strength and hypertrophy.

Through expert coaching, we guide participants in mastering fundamental movement patterns, using a progressive format suitable for anyone – from complete beginners to daily athletes.

This program guarantees continual improvement, laying a solid foundation for your fitness journey.


BURN offers an exhilarating approach to fitness with structured metabolic conditioning. This high-energy program focuses on improving overall fitness through intense, heart-pumping workouts.

Participants will enjoy an endorphin rush, feeling invigorated and accomplished.


EST or Energy Systems Training will develop capacity in all 3 of the body’s energy systems through specific workouts structured with varying intervals and intensities depending on the targeted energy system.

You can expect everything from all out HIIT style training through to longer aerobic efforts and everything in between. These sessions are all completed using Bikergs, Skiergs, Rowers and Airbikes.


GRIT combines diverse movements and strength conditioning to enhance overall fitness. This functional fitness program is all about building strength, stamina, flexibility, and endurance with varied, structured workouts. 

Suitable for all fitness levels, GRIT offers a fun, effective workout experience, fostering both physical and community strength.


Reform is a dynamic blend of traditional Pilates and contemporary equipment. Our classes focus on enhancing core strength, flexibility, and overall conditioning through controlled movements on the Reformer and mat.

This low-impact class is ideal for all levels, promoting lean muscle development and improved well-being.


BTB Yoga offers a serene escape to balance intense workouts.

Focusing on breathing techniques, mindfulness, and physical poses, this class reduces stress and improves mobility, harmonising mind and body.


Our dynamic boxing classes cater to all fitness levels, combining cardio, strength training, and boxing techniques.

Expect high-energy and a supportive environment in the blend fitness, confidence-building, and skill development.